Set of Jaws BG35146



Set of Jaws BG35146

Dräco Set of Jaws BG35146 for Metal Shears:

Universal Metal Slitting Shears

Dräco Seam Metal Shears

Metal Stud & Stainless Steel Shears

Pneumatic Seam Metal Shears

Cordless Seam Metal Shears AK 3514-2

Since 1951, DRÄCO has been a partner to the trade and industry, clients require the same quality and service we expect ourselves. Quality products, quality control, customer feed back and practical testing form the basis of our company philosophy. We offer practical advice and loyalty to our dealers.

This means that DRÄCO has now grown into a multi-national group with more than 60 foreign agencies. We attend trade fairs in Germany and many other countries to gain ideas and contacts.

Every product has been developed by us in direct co-operation with practical users from the most diverse of fields and the DRÄCO TEAM.

This gives a guarantee to both the user and the trade, that they own a product which has been specially designed for the purpose.

The desire for improvement comes from the practical user, an idea designed and refined using German tradition – the result is quality in metalworking for roof and wall, profile forming systems, seaming machines, hand tools and metal shears, powered by electric, compressed air or batteries for use in the workshop and on the construction site.

Contact your dealer, or call us direct for full information on DRÄCO Roof and Wall tools and machines. The cost-effective design of the equipment will keep you ahead of your competition.

The most complete equipment package for architectural double lock-standing seam is illustrated on the following pages.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm

Approx. 4 weeks