Dinosaurier Shrinking and Stretching Pliers


  • Professional grade lightweight & durable aluminum
  • SG 1000 ZGN
  • SG 1015 ZGNK


Dinosaurier Shrinking and Stretching Pliers

Dinosaurier Shrinking and Stretching Pliers offer a lightweight and durable design by utilizing high quality aluminum making them perfect for professional and industrial use.

Available in two models, SG 1000 ZGN & SG 1015 ZGNK;

  • SG 1000 ZGN
    • Professional-pliers with round Shrinking/stretching tools
    • Top-Professional model with reinforced steel holder
    • Larger back opening for pushing through of higher material
    • For soft metal up to 1,0 mm, Aluminium up to ca. 1,5 mm
    • Weight 3,8 kg (combination 7,1 kg).
  • SG 1015 ZGNK
    • Combination model as an ideal completion for quick and uncomplicated working
    • Includes 2 plier bodies, 2 levers and 1 shrinking+1 stretching tool
    • No more changing of jaws necessary
    • Two people can work at the same time
    • Breakage of tools through dropping no longer happens.

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Dinosaurier has been selling speciality metal forming tools and machines for over 22 years, being a world leading specialist means Dinosaurier has an unbeatable range of tools and accessories that leaves every wish fulfilled whether it is for hobby work or professionals.

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