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  • Propane Roofing Torch Here is Why You Should Be Using a Propane Roofing Torch

    Roofing torch is a handy tool to have around for various implications during the cold months; it’s a lifesaver for walkways and icy stairs. To use it properly on ice you’ll need warm shoes, good knees, and gloves—but it’s better than lugging home bags of a doubtful product that perhaps isn’t great for the environment and letting loose with it all over your roof.

    So, why a propane torch?

    It’s efficient.

    A handheld propane torch can dig hole up in a closet, under the sink, or on your roof very easily when not in use, instead of taking up room in your garage or basement. It’s pretty affordable as well if you get a torch that you basically attach to a propane tank. (Generally, propane is cheaper and energy-efficient than electric heat.)

    Your friend when there is snow/ice.

    While shoveling is still the best mode of snow removal, a propane torch melt ice like a winner. Don’t be in too much of a rush, however: that you have to blast enough for the steps to your front door to be ice-free, but it will be worth it: No bracing yourself every time you leave the house.

    What to remember:

    Wear a hat or tie your hair back while you torch. There’s leaves and grass and bits of matter under the ice that can be flammable, so try not to put it on fire (or anything else, for that matter). If you leave the propane canister out in the garage or in the car in the cold, be sure to let it warm up before using.

  • Thank you for the great wuko tools, I believe thay put us ahead of the crowd!

     – Kevin

  • I contacted Dagmar Steetz with an odd request to purchase Stubai’s original Peening Machine offered on her website. She let me know I was the first to request this particular tool. Dagmar offered a unique service that took me over a month to find. This is not a well known tool. None of the German sellers wanted to ship direct to me in the United States. Dagmar said she could and succeeded where others refused. I am now the proud owner of what is likely a unique tool to use to sharpen my Austrian scythe blade. The purchase was an international one, crossed at least two borders, possibly made in at least two currencies, though I was allowed to make my purchase in U.S. dollars. I even qualified for Dagmar’s sales discount at the time of my order. I would happily engage in future transactions with Steetz  Copper Craft, when my needs demand their services.
     – Ted Romaine