History of Zunft

German Workwear 1

For the highest demands

The Bielefeld Originals have been the “Zunft” specialists since 1894. Of course they want to uphold this long tradition, which is why their products offer a combination of tradition, quality and functionality. For many years they have been combining traditional materials with modern, technical textiles. After all, no carpenter would simply purchase “Zunft” trousers because of some tradition. Rather, the trousers must meet the current modern-day requirements.

Made in Germany

At FHB, it is very important to them that their products are robust and hard-wearing – meeting even the highest demands. They can promise you that because they are the only industrial company that still produces its “Zunft” workwear in Germany. Furthermore, a large part of the materials they process are also made in Germany. And they are proud of this fact. Of course, the price also plays a role, especially nowadays. However, it need not always be the cheapest. The products should be worth their price. And you can rely on this with the Bielefeld Originals. As you could always.

The “Schächte”

This brotherhood broke away from the “Zünft” and developed into the various “Schächte“. The journeymen wore a special knitted tie to indicate their affiliation. This could be quite important, as the various affiliations often got into brawls with each other. Since their foundation, they focused on upkeeping the tradition and, nowadays especially, on making journeyman travelling more popular once again with young artisans.

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