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The Importance of Safety

Auto repair requires the use of two types of tools: power tools and hand tools.Auto Body Tools Steetz Canada Power tools are frequently used for welding, spray painting, grinding and other tasks. On the other hand, hand tools are used for dent repair, tightening, repairing bruises and punctures. Common auto body hand tools include chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, wedges, and so on. These hand tools are simple to use, but if used incorrectly or carelessly, they can cause serious injury to the operator. However, there are some strategies that the operator can employ to use auto hand tools safely and efficiently. To learn more, this article will go over safety considerations when you’re using auto body hand tools.

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Safety Precautions for Auto Body Hand Tools

  1. Choose the appropriate tool: While you can perform multiple tasks withBody Tools Steetz the same tool, it is not always the safest choice. Using an inappropriate tool may speed up the completion of your task in some ways, but it may also increase your risk of injury. Many automakers, for example, use a chisel instead of a screwdriver. The former may take less force to screw in, but it increases the risk of slip and injury. Look for a tool that is the right size, has the right grip, and has the right functionality. For example, insulated tools are best for electrical work, while long-handled tools are best for heavy load or leverage work.
  2. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE): To avoid cuts and bruises, wear eye protection glasses, gloves and an apron. Choose the most appropriate gloves. There are various types of gloves available to meet a variety of needs. Fabric gloves, for example, protect against dust and oil, whereas aluminized and aramid fibre gloves are appropriate for high-temperature tasks.
  3. Maintain your tools: Tool maintenance is an important aspect of safety. In most cases, worn-out or defective tools are to blame for injuries. To prevent this, the operator must keep the tools in good working order. The steps below can aid in tool maintenance.
  • Sharpen the cutting tools
  • Before using, inspect the wooden handles for cracks (and fill them)
  • Oil the metal tools to prevent rust and other chemical reactions
  • Before using the tools, double-check the surface angles and tip alignments
  1. Use the tools correctly: Each tool is intended to be used in a specific way. Screwdrivers, for example, are designed for lock-and-twist functionality, and must be used in this manner to tighten or loosen the screw only. Different tools must be used in the correct manner for which they were designed, in order to ensure auto body tool safety. Instructions for using specific auto body hand tools include the following points.
  2. Cutting tools: Use cutting tools such as nibblers, hand shears, etc. at parallel to the surface.
  3. Hammers: Make a straight strike with the hammer on the surface. To forge at a specific location and angle, use wrist movement rather than shoulder movement.
  4. Screwdrivers: Depending on the operation, grip the screwdriver firmly and twist slowly clockwise or anti-clockwise. Check that the screwdriver is the correct size and that the screwdriver’s tip is securely seated in the screw notch.
  5. Chisels and files: To perform a task safely, use the tip of a chisel and the flat middle body of a file. Never use a chisel or file on the working surface, as the small metal granules on these surfaces can cause sharp cuts.
  6. Spanners: Select spanners with the proper diameters and side fit. To avoid slip and hit injuries, make sure the spanners are properly locked before rotating. To help keep a firm grip on the tool, use spanners with rubber grips.

Quality auto body hand tools must be used with these safety considerations. Quality ensures that your auto body tools work reliably and for a long time. As a result, you should purchase them from reputable vendors such as Steetz. This company is a well-known supplier of high-quality auto body hand tools including hammers and mallets, shrinking hammers, forming dollies, nibblers, forging hammers and many others.

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