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Sheet metal pliers are an important part of every sheet metal roofer’s toolkit. Even the most specialized pliers are highly adaptable equipment which can be used for various tasks. Metal pliers and tongs can both be employed for multiple functions in the hands of an experienced sheet metal artisan.

These durable hand tools for sheet metals can be used for a variety of procedures, including the following:

Using Sheet Metal Pliers to Make Precise Bends and Folds

Sheet metal pliers are most commonly used to make simple bends and folds in sheet metal and general forming. While there are more specialized tools for specific bends or folds (such as pocket benders and brakes), in the hands of an experienced craftsman a pair of pliers may achieve the same result.

Making Simple Crimps

Basic crimps in a sheet of metal can also be made with sheet metal pliers, especially in thinner gauge or softer metals like aluminum or copper.

Sheet metal pliers with flat and curved jaws can be used to make crimps in metal, either to construct a simple makeshift seam or junction between the sheets, or also to roll over the edge, turning the rough-cut edge away from anyone who comes too close. Basic crimps can also help to improve the appearance of a ragged sheet metal edge.

Manipulation and Placement of Metal Sheets

Steetz sells several sheet metal pliers which have broadened, elongated jaws and are known as sheet metal tongs. Many of these “pliers” can be used to make and finish seams, but they can also manipulate metal sheets or work them into place to be seamed, hemmed, or secured to the roof. We also have a selection of sheet metal vice grips which tighten with the aid of a turn screw that varies pressure for manipulating various positions (including seaming).

Starting and Finishing Seams

Seaming is the technique of folding adjoining metal sheets over each other to be connected tightly. Seaming comes in a variety of forms, including single and double lock seams and standing seams, and is widely used to attach sheets of metal on roofs (it has other uses as well). Many of our sheet metal pliers have vast jaws that make seams easier.

Opening Seams

We also have a standing seam opener, which looks like a pair of pliers and is used to open seams in sheet metal. The seam can be pried open by putting the jaws under the second stage of a standing seam. A pair of pliers like these can be quite useful for resolving problems or fine-tuning seaming work.

Gutter Forming and Adjustment

We also have gutter pliers, which are specialized sheet metal tools. Gutters are used to drain many sheet metal roofs, and installing gutters typically necessitates the ability to alter the gutters and brackets without deforming or harming them. Pliers, such as our Stubai Eaves Gutter Pliers, are perfect for the job.

What to Look For

Quality sheet metal pliers and other trade equipment can be purchased once in a lifetime, or you can buy half-quality equipment numerous times and waste money. Steetz believes in offering high-quality products, so that our clients can make the right purchase the first time.

Many of our sheet metal pliers, including our line and Stubai, Freund and others, are manufactured from forged, high-carbon steel that ha s been hardened or tempered using specific proprietary procedures, making them stronger and tougher.

Don’t scrimp on the quality of your equipment. Simpler, more durable construction is preferable (especially among hand tools) and you’ll find precisely such characteristics in our lineup online.

For the best in sheet metal pliers, be sure to visit today!

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