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Shears and snips are sheet metal cutting tools that are extremely useful forSteetz Sheet Metal Snips Canada workers and craftspeople in a variety of industries, including but not limited to roofing.


Unsurprisingly, tin ships and sheet metal shears are commonly used for cutting sheet metal. As you might expect, roofers who use sheet metal require a variety of tools to manipulate, size and shape their medium. Sheet metal shears are just one type of tool, but they are extremely useful for making straight and curved manual cuts through a wide range of sheet metals including stainless steel, copper, and tin.

In general, if you’re familiar with regular scissors, you’ll be able to recognize sheet metal shears on sight. They are metal tools with two levered handles connected at a central fulcrum and used to operate jaws to cut. The difference is that their jaws are short and compact, and they have longer handles to provide maximum leverage when executing cuts. In this regard, they are relatively simple tools with a high value.

When to Use Shears and Snips

The versatility of tin shears is one of their best features. In case you were wondering, there are more efficient ways to cut through sheet metal. After all, even with a compound advantage, your forearms can become sore when manually cutting through a large amount of sheet metal. So, what makes shears a must-have tool, when there are more efficient alternatives?

Sheet metal shears are more compact, lighter and more portable than other sheet metal cutting tools. Shears are comfortable to use and can reach into places where larger tools would be impractical for workers who are on a roof (rather than just making cuts on the ground).

Furthermore, metal shears can make precise cuts in areas with limited space which other tools can’t reach. Do you need to cut a small piece of metal along the edge of a sheet? Do you need to make a quick change to the end of a sheet before folding it to sew it? Do you need to cut a sharp angle in the metal’s profile? Sheet metal shears are ideal for all of these tasks.

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Straight and Angled Handles 

Tin snips are excellent for making accurate cuts in sheet metal, which is likelySteetz Sheet Metal Snips the most useful aspect of their utility. They can also be used to make long cuts through sheet metal if necessary. When making a long cut through sheet metal, especially a straight one, a pair of snips with offset handles is the way to go.

When you make a long cut through any stiff material (not just sheet metal), the material will get in the way of your hands (and thus the shears’ operation as you pass through it). On the other hand, sheet metal is more jagged and unforgiving than other media, so the solution lies in tool modification.


When using manual tin snips, here is something else to keep in mind. A long, straight line in sheet metal can be cut with almost any pair of snips. However, some tin snips, such as the Stubai Circle Snips, are designed to cut curves in sheet metal and create rounded or circular cuts. It all depends on the specific requirements of various jobs.

Other Points

Blade hardness: The efficiency with which a pair of tin snips will cut through sheet metal (as well as the life span you can expect from them) is directly proportional to the heat treatment applied to the jaws. How the steel has been treated and hardened will significantly impact both of these factors. In general, the harder the jaws on a pair of snips, the more expensive they are. It’s worth it, though, because a pair of snips that haven’t been properly heat treated will cut inefficiently (and worse, will wear down or fail before their time).

Serrated or non-serrated edges: You can choose from shears with serrated or straight jaws. When it comes to serrated jaws, they grip the material better and make it easier to cut through it. Smooth jaws, on the other hand, may be more valuable for one reason: when serrated jaws are used, the small cuts left along the edge of the sheet metal form a tiny stress riser. When subjected to repeated stresses, the metal can tear or crack at these points over time.

These are some of the most important things to keep in mind when browsing a collection of tin snips and sheet metal shears like the ones we sell at Steetz. We believe it’s best to buy quality only once, especially since our products last a lifetime. This way, you won’t have to spend money on new tools every time a cheap pair fails.

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