I contacted Dagmar Steetz with an odd request to purchase Stubai’s original Peening Machine offered on her website. She let me know I was the first to request this particular tool. Dagmar offered a unique service that took me over a month to find. This is not a well known tool. None of the German sellers wanted to ship direct to me in the United States. Dagmar said she could and succeeded where others refused. I am now the proud owner of what is likely a unique tool to use to sharpen my Austrian scythe blade. The purchase was an international one, crossed at least two borders, possibly made in at least two currencies, though I was allowed to make my purchase in U.S. dollars. I even qualified for Dagmar’s sales discount at the time of my order. I would happily engage in future transactions with Steetz  Copper Craft, when my needs demand their services.
 – Ted Romaine