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  • Membership to our new members only portal, different that your customer account
  • Brand new videos, including the traditional methods of creating an off-set elbow
  • A chance to enter into our huge giveaway, starting December 1st and ending  December 23rd!
  • Access to our exclusive “Spengler Club” Facebook group
December Event Form

We are celebrating our new membership portal with a huge December Event!

Get a chance to win a great prize almost every day, starting December 1st, with a combined value of CAD $10,000!

What can you win?

  • 1 Buschmann Falz Bender Set
  • 1 Buschmann Double Falzseamer
  • 1 Buschmann Bender Set
  • 2 Stubai Messenger Bags
  • 5 Stubai Water Bottles
  • 5 Stubai Non-rebound Soft-face Hammer
  • 2 Kiesel Werkzeuge Seaming Pliers Set
  • 1 Falzbook Double-lock Standing Seam Technology: Built-in, Hidden & On-roof Gutters Book
  • 1 Biro Freehand Roller Hybrid Basic Set (1.5 + 15mm)
  • 1 Dimos Pelican and Ideal Snip Set, left and right
  • 1 Freund 60mm, 45°, Lap Joint Seaming Pliers

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What is our new membership portal?

The new membership portal will be a place where we will share exclusive videos, starting with a series on how to create an off-set elbow using traditional tools and methods.

New videos will be posted twice a week, starting December 1st until December 23rd!

Why sign up?

Not only will you get access to the membership portal, but you will also have a chance to enter into our huge multiple prize giveaway which includes amazing prizes from some of our suppliers!

You will also get access to our private “Spengler Club” Facebook group, making it possible to connect and share your work with us and other like-minded tradesmen.

Rules and Regulations

All it takes are 3 simple steps to enter:

Step 1

Sign up for our membership portal. This page will be live Wednesday, November 30th. Stay tuned for the link!

Step 2

Comment under one of our videos in the membership portal describing your work.

Step 3

Review one of our great products at

Once you have followed these 3 simple steps you are automatically entered into ALL of the giveaways!

  • This giveaway only applies to North American Residents
  • Draws will be daily, except Sundays – ending December 23rd
  • Draws close at 2pm MST and will happen at 5pm MST
  • Winners will be contacted by email and posted to our “Spengler Club” Facebook group
  • Shipping time will be determined once the winner is contacted


Get a chance to win a great prize almost every day, starting December 1st

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