Steetz Copper Craft has consistently provided our clients with the highest level of craftsmanship and unparalleled expertise for the past several years. Peter’s attention to each and every detail, along with his willingness and ability to create new and unique products, gives him the leading edge in his field. In addition to the skill and creativity he brings to our projects, he strives for and gives insight where he sees areas for improvement. At Waterford Homes Inc. we continually focus on creating a product of the highest quality and standard and Steetz Copper Craft is a perfect fit that we endorse and appreciate.”

Richard Kurpershoek & John Briggs

Waterford Homes Inc.

We’ve worked with Copper Craft on a number of projects, the most recent being very large and with intricate design. It’s fair to say that previously, we’d never seen anyone able to do this type of work. The level of quality, attention to detail, and the thought that goes into each piece is incredible. Peter Steetz was trained in Europe and is a true craftsman who takes utmost pride in his work. We look forward to working with him on our next copper-related project.”

Bill Ruskowsky

Triangle Enterprises LTD.

> triangleenterprises.com

Steetz Copper Craft completed a residential project for us that involved adding copper eaves-troughs, scuppers and downspouts to our home. We could not be happier with the outcome and the aesthetic enhancement the functional artistry added. Peter is one of the most caring, professional and perfectionist orientated people we have ever come into contact with. He is genuinely driven to provide an unparalleled product. He is very easy to deal with, incredibly focused and non-intrusive while completing his task. We are very comfortable in recommending Steetz Copper Craft to anybody who appreciates the value of copper and wants someone with complete mastery of his field to deliver your vision.”

Patricia & Roger

Happy Clients

Peter Steetz represents old world craftsmanship and work of the highest quality. We are very pleased with the enhancement to our homes appearance and overall appeal and have received numerous compliments on the project. I would not hesitate to recommend Steetz Copper Craft for any ornamental or functional copper work.”

Matt Campbell

Happy Clients


Thank you for the great wuko tools, I believe they put us ahead of the crowd!”


A Happy Customer

Just to let you know the clothes arrived on schedule and we are very, very pleased with the clothes. Several people have asked where they came from and my Mum immediately asked to see how the stitching was done. She is rather fussy about how clothes are made.   My wife thinks I look unusually handsome in my work clothes. Not many men get to head off to work with that in their heads.”

Cam Pyper

A Happy Customer

I am both pleased and impressed with the quality of the trousers and vest! I’m sure I’ll have the pleasure of doing business with you again in the near future!”

Ashen Carey

A Happy Customer

Thank you for sending the pants. We received them today. We appreciate your work and effort to bring european craftsmanship, tools and methods to this part of the world.”

Stephen Nielsen

A Happy Customer

I contacted Steetz with an odd request to purchase Stubai’s original Peening Machine. They let me know I was the first to request this particular tool. Dagmar offered a unique service that took me over a month to find. This is not a well known tool. None of the German sellers wanted to ship direct to me in the United States. Dagmar said she could and succeeded where others refused. I am now the proud owner of what is likely a unique tool to use to sharpen my Austrian scythe blade. The purchase was an international one, crossed at least two borders, possibly made in at least two currencies, though I was allowed to make my purchase in U.S. dollars. I would happily engage in future transactions with Steetz  Copper Craft.

Ted Romaine

A Happy Customer

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