Peddinghaus began in 1839 with the production of quality hand tools beginning in 1873. Today Peddinghaus offers a comprehensive range of hammers and hand tools for all professions. Since the integration into the MOB group in 1991, the hand tool program has been expanded continuously in order to make the company even more competitive.

Our range is versatile, with thousands of articles, ranging from pliers, crowbars, tool units and vices to items for dry construction. “Fighting for quality” is the warranty motto of Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge. Above all, this is an attitude and a target that we carry with us every day, during every action and activity, at every step and at every level.

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Marking and Measuring

Divider with Pencil Holder

USD $ 27.00
USD $ 21.50USD $ 35.50
USD $ 55.00USD $ 73.50
USD $ 34.00USD $ 56.00
USD $ 65.00USD $ 86.00

Anvils and Stakes

Peddinghaus Bordering Stake

USD $ 79.00
USD $ 101.50USD $ 189.50
USD $ 24.50USD $ 104.50
USD $ 71.00
USD $ 22.50USD $ 109.00