Picard has been manufacturing hammers for more than 160 years. The experience gathered over many decades, together with the aspiration to deliver the best possible quality, find expression in the high standards that we demand from the steel types used and in the ongoing further development of our process engineering – especially in the field of heat and surface treatment.
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Picard GmbH presents the ideal delivery program for all areas of work in which hammers have always been important tools. The many and diverse fields of activity in which hammers are used require special shaping as well as appropriate and varied weight classes. In addition, hammers must guarantee a safe and physically tolerable working experience. We believe that providing the optimum balance in this area is our most important task.

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USD $23.50

Seaming and Profiling

Picard Bottom Swage

USD $39.50USD $47.00


Bush Chisel

USD $54.00