The Stubai valley has been an excellent ground for the metal processing industry for centuries. Dating back to the 1600's, high quality Austrian tools have been made by Stubai with the company being officially founded in 1897. Since that time Stubai has grown its cooperative network of companies, each specializing in a specific product category including roofing tools, forestry tools and many more.

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USD $ 2,672.00
USD $ 3,356.00
USD $ 423.50

Marking and Measuring

Steetz Marking Template in inches

USD $ 12.50
USD $ 542.00
USD $ 119.50

Marking and Measuring

Stubai Aluminium Ruler

USD $ 20.00USD $ 73.50
USD $ 43.50
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USD $ 45.00

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stubai Asymmetrical Steel Carabiner

USD $ 22.00

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stubai Axe Replacement Handle

USD $ 23.50

Axes and Hatchets

Stubai Band Axe

USD $ 163.50

Marking and Measuring

Stubai Batten Gauge

USD $ 20.50

Marking and Measuring

Stubai Bearing Scraper

USD $ 14.50

Splitting Wedges

Stubai Beech Wood Wedges

USD $ 7.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Bend Shape Lead Dresser

USD $ 54.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Bent Electronic Pliers

USD $ 48.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Bent Snipe Nose Pliers

USD $ 23.50