Steetz carries high quality, European made construction tools for a range of trades including; masonry, electrician, lead working, carpentry, drywall and plastering.
In addition to chisels, bolt cutters and fencing pliers Steetz carries a number of hammer styles from European manufactures Picard and Peddinghaus including; carpentry hammers, roofing hammers, sledge hammers and claw hammers. Steetz carries classic and speciality pliers that have the same high quality European craftsmanship of all our tools. Whether you need needle nose pliers, classic combination pliers or wire stripping pliers Steetz has the right set of pliers for your task. Steetz also carries electrician specific tools and pliers that are designed for the electrician trade and tasks required when working with electrical components and wiring.

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USD $ 1,720.00

Construction Tools

MASC Ladder Guard

USD $ 141.50

Construction Tools

MASC Special Wood Chisel

USD $ 64.00
USD $ 101.50USD $ 189.50
USD $ 71.00
USD $ 84.00
USD $ 31.50
USD $ 31.00

Construction Tools

Peddinghaus Pry Bar POWER BAR

USD $ 22.00USD $ 91.00
USD $ 66.50USD $ 189.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Bend Shape Lead Dresser

USD $ 54.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Bolt Cutter

USD $ 74.00USD $ 260.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Bolt Cutters

USD $ 249.00USD $ 363.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Concrete Pliers

USD $ 22.00USD $ 29.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Fencing Pliers

USD $ 46.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Insulation Knife

USD $ 19.00
USD $ 69.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Pincers

USD $ 18.00USD $ 27.50

Construction Tools

Stubai Powerline Bolt Cutter

USD $ 325.00

Construction Tools

Stubai Sledge Hammer

USD $ 38.00USD $ 55.00