Groemo Plug-In Gutter Outlet- oval, half round gutter

The plug-in gutter outlet is the connecting piece between gutter and pipe. Its oval shape allows it to guide larger than average quantities over water safely and reliably into the downpipe. Mounting without tools and spring clip technology are just two of the numerous advantages.

Any elbow can be plugged into the Groemo gutter outlet, fast and feather-light. No wiring or riveting required thanks to the spring clip technology. The elbow is simply turned in the desired direction and stops reliably in any position. The Groemo gutter outlet fits in all current drainpipe systems and can be detached with just one turn.

Metal Type: Copper, Zinc

Nominal Sizes: 200/60, 250/60, 250/76, 250/80, 280/76, 280/80, 280/87, 280/100, 333/76, 333/87, 333/100, 333/120, 400/100, 400/120, 400/150, 500/120, 500/150

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