Steetz is an established retailer of the most trusted brands for high quality roofing tools and equipment.

Steetz carries well known European tool brands that have a long history of providing the very best in sheet metal and slate roofing tools, soldering tools and accessories for standing seam metal roofing. In addition to roofing tools Steetz also has a wide variety of forestry, autobody and construction tools as well as tool cases to keep everything organized.

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Construction Tools

Stubai Straight Radio Pliers

USD $ 24.00

Seaming and Profiling

Stubai Straight Roofing Seamer

USD $ 137.00

Splitting Mauls

Stubai Super Cleaver Axe

USD $ 55.50
USD $ 57.00USD $ 120.50

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stubai Super Splitting Axe Replacement Handle

USD $ 13.00USD $ 15.00

Timber Tongs

Stubai Timber Tongs

USD $ 32.50USD $ 68.00
USD $ 52.50
USD $ 64.50USD $ 86.00
USD $ 59.50USD $ 63.00
USD $ 68.00USD $ 73.50
USD $ 51.50USD $ 66.00

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stubai Tool Hook

Timber Tongs

Stubai Towing Tongs

USD $ 74.00

Bark Scrapers

Stubai Tree Scraper

USD $ 33.50

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stubai Tree Scraper Replacement Blade