Kiesel HSS Compound Action Snips

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Kiesel HSS compound action snips are self opening and light, and have an induction hardened cutting edge, offering high cutting performance and long service life. The shear head is drop-forged and fine toothing on the cutting edge prevents the sheet metal from slipping. The two component handle is pvc coated with hand protection and practical hanger. Suitable for small figure cuts (tightest radii)

These special HSS snips have tempered drop-forged cutting heads with hardened High Speed Steel (HSS) inserts for a much longer service life and performance than conventional snips. Perfect for cutting the harder metals like stainless steel.
 The compound leverage these snips offer considerably reduces the effort required while cutting which in turn improves productivity while reducing hand fatigue for the worker. The plastic grips on the ergonomically designed handles have soft cushion inserts that further reduce hand fatigue. The soft cushion inserts also keep the hand from slipping on the grips.
 Best used for sheet metal applications: cutting gutters, downspouts, general sheet metal work, HVAC, metal roofing etc.

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