Biro Manual Segment Brake - Folding Machine Bpse-100S

Biro Manual Segment Brake – Folding Machine BPSE-100S

A game changer for metal roofers!

Biro manual segment brake (folding machine) BPSE-100S is a fully segmented sheet metal bending machine, made from high quality materials: about 90% hard alloyed aluminium parts are used to make the machine as light as it can be.

The idea was to create a machine mostly for outside jobs, making it efficient, ergonomic, easy and highly resistant to weather circumstances, rust and more. The machine can be mounted on a table by its weight, additional fixing points available on the bottom.

  • Easy to transport, even for one person
  • Upper and lower segments are anodized, which comes in a box
  • Recommended for roofing and cladding, as well as sheet metal workers.
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Manualsegmentbrake 11
Manualsegmentbrake 05
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  • Dimensions: 1180 x 500 x 685mm
  • Weight: 40kg (without segments)
  • Segment weight: approx. 11kg
  • Working length: 1000mm
  • Fast attachment system for both segments
  • Upper beams height: 70mm
  • Lower beams height: 60mm
  • Segments length: 1x30mm, 1x40mm, 2x50mm, 1x60mm, 1x70mm, 5x100mm, 2x100mm corner segments
  • Opening height: 70mm
  • Thickness capacity: Steel 0.6mm, Aluminium 0.8mm, Copper and Zinc 0.8mm, Stainless steel 0.5mm
  • Thickness turning option
  • Bending arm spanning
  • Gas springs
  • Assemble and disassemble to smaller parts in minutes


  • Easy to handle
  • Segments with fast clamping
  • Fast assemble and disassemble
  • Easy transportation
  • Efficient work
  • Super light weight
  • Ergonomic

Accessories: Back table with adjustable height (coming soon)

Manualsegmentbrake 07
Manualsegmentbrake 08

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