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Falzbooks Double-lock Standing Seam Technology Book Series

The series consists of three books and aims to serve as an educational guide for [...]

Biro Manual Segment Brake- Folding Machine

Biro manual segment brake (folding machine) BPSE-100S is a fully segmented sheet metal bending machine, [...]

KNOLL Sheet Metal Brake

The sophisticated layout and arrangement of the individual machines and tool components facilitates the work [...]

The Tale of a Journeyman

If you have ever wondered why an intermediate tradesmen is called a journeyman there is [...]

All about Steetz Copper Craft and Steetz Tools

Learn about the history of Steetz Copper Craft, the tools we carry and how we [...]

December Event 2022!

Get ready for our huge December event to celebrate our brand new membership portal! Get [...]

Arborist Appreciation Day: June 16th 2022

Purpose Arborist Appreciation Day is all about taking some time to appreciate the hard work [...]

Highlights from the Grand Opening of the Architectural Sheet Metal Training Centre in British Columbia in 2010

The Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia and Steetz develop partnership to provide world class [...]